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C35232 - Cosmetics Manufacturing
Company News
Junior Doctor Program Implemented in Primary Schools Helps Raise Early Awareness, 2005-07-26
As it is important to raise health awareness since the early age, PT Beiersdorf Indonesia, a multinational consumer goods company, has allocated some of its social funds to the Junior Doctor Program in Primary Schools, which was initially focused in Jakarta. The program is projected to help educate primary-aged children of the importance of healthy living habits, illness prevention and medication in order to support learning process.
Cuts and Plasters, 2005-04-26
Competition in the ready-to-use plasters (consumer goods) industry is relatively tight. In Indonesia, brands such as Betadine Plester, Ultrafix and Hansaplast (manufactured by PT Beiersdorf Indonesia) compete for the top stop in the industry. Since all plasters offer cure for small wounds, manufacturers compete to innovate better features such as medical content, potency, packaging and commercial campaign strategies. PT Beiersdorf Indonesia, for example, created Hansaplast Scar Reducer, an innovative product that can remove hypertrophic wounds and deep keloids in 8 weeks. The product helps the skinís natural regeneration by increasing pressure and skin temperature. This product was launched in Indonesia in early 2005. The productís target market is middle to upper income class due to the productís relatively high price (Rp. 250,000 for a box of 21 plesters). Currently, Hansaplast holds 70 percent of the market share. The company also manufactures products such as Hansaplast Elastic, Hansaplast Junior, Hansaplast Plastik, Hansaplast Transparent and Hansaplast Sensitive.
Beiersdorf Indonesia, PT
Indonesia Company Report
Last Update 30-April-2019
Major Businessline : Cosmetic product, Bandage

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