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Industry News
Construction Sector Still Face Problems Ahead of AEC 2015 : November 2013

The construction sector is a sector that plays a strategic role in national development. In addition to being the driving force and a part of economic activities, the performance of the construction sector which is directly related to the competitiveness of the national infrastructure is also a pillar of social, culture, and civilization.

In 2012, the contribution of the construction sector reached 10.5% of GDP, grew 7.5% per year, higher than the national economic growth of 6.2% per year, also contributed to employment to 5.3% of the total workforce .

Rizal Z. Tamin in Book Construction Indonesia in 2013: "Market Development and Improvement of National Construction Industry Competitiveness in the face of MEA Post-2015" said that the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) or the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which will begin in 2015, requires companies that are engaged in the construction sector to improve its competitiveness.

Threats regionalization AEC 2015 course must take seriously considering the construction sector is a pillar of economic and cultural nation in 2012 contributed 10.5% of GDP and absorbs 5.3% of the workforce.

There are four things that must be considered in dealing with the global market competition, competitive risk, competency, and capacity (known as "4C).

Own national construction sector is currently faced with problems such as limited infrastructure, productivity and low quality (eg, damage to roads and buildings failure), high accident in the construction field, the competitiveness of the sector and the low, and the financing of small government.
Work on the Trans Sumatra, Hutama Build Four Concrete Plant : November 2015

PT. Hutama Karya (Persero) is preparing the construction of a precast concrete plant to supply the needs of the construction of an additional segment of the Trans Sumatra. Two of the four plants located in Java that is in Cilegon and Jakarta, while the rest are in Sumatra and Sulawesi. Director of Hutama I Gusti Ngurah Putra claimed the first plant in Cilegon is targeted to be ready to operate in 2016. The total required investment for a plant with capacity of 200 thousand tons per year reached Rp.140 billion.

Construction of Electricity and Telecommunications Buildings in Indonesia
Indonesia Industry Report and Market Research
October 20, 2018
Industry Code : E5213
Forecast to : 2022

Construction of Electricity and Telecommunications Buildings in Indonesia This Class consists of establishments mainly engaged in the construction of electrical services, telecommunications, search and rescue equipment and navigation telecommunications, train and signal telecommunications, telecommunication centres, and other electrical constructions.
The primary activities of firms in this industry are :
- Electrical Power Working and High Voltage Transmission.
- Pile Tower and Hydro Electric Power.
- Signal Light, Rubber Canoe Light Signal, and Harbour Signal.
- Radar Transmission and Antenna Construction.
- Signal Construction and Train Communication.
- Navigational System, Control System and Telecommunication.
- Central Telephone and Telegraph and Radar Transmission Tower.
- Microwave and Small station satellite on earth.
- Industrial Plant and Steam Power Plant.
- General Installation and Specialised Plumbing Works.
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Chapter Headings US $ Select All
Industry Outlook 60.50
Key Statistics 60.50
Market Characteristics 36.30
Segmentation 36.30
Industry Conditions 60.50
Industry Performance 60.50
Key Competitors 60.50
Key Factors 27.50
Barata Indonesia Will Build a Mini Hydro Power Plant in North Sumatra 0.39
ZUG Send a Boiler to Sanggau Power Plant,http 0.39
PT. Jaya Teknik Indonesia Renews ISO Certificate 0.39
IFC Sets Eye on Electrical and Construction Investments 0.39
Telecommunication Industry Hard to Penetrate 0.39

Report Content

The Construction of Electricity and Telecommunications Buildings industry in Indonesia research report contain trend analysis, statistics, market size information, industry growth rates as well as major competitors.

Major market segments are identified and also those forces affecting demand and supply within this industry. Performance analysis includes emerging industry trends as well as recent results and performance of each key company. Drawing on the depth of information DIS also provides 5 year forecasts for this industry.

The comprehensive study also examines details such as the barriers to entry, operating cost structure, technology & systems and domestic & international markets. Tables and statistics include: Industry revenue, exports, imports, wages and number of companies in the industry, Industry growth and geographic regional data.

KEY STATISTICS 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Industry Revenue 107,942 104,367 131,689 158,085 169,151 Rp.Billion
Industry Gross Product 7,016 6,784 8,560 10,276 10,995 Rp.Billion
Number of Establishments 110 120 130 130 130 Units
Employment 109,600 101,200 85 81,000 85,400 Units
Exports 2,856 3,457 6,481 6,521 7,820 Rp.Billion
Imports 10,926 10,899 25,482 30,419 35,880 Rp.Billion
Total Wages 1,425 1,316 1,114 1,010 1,109 Rp.Billion
Domestic Demand 116,012 111,809 150,690 181,983 197,211 Rp.Billion
The data above is sample data only

Cost of Goods Sold 67.13 Gross Profit 32.87
Operating Expense 21.5 Profit (Loss) Before Tax 11.36
Administration 1.58 Depreciation 0.56
Electricity 0.66 Freight 1.99
Fuel, Parking, Toll & Retribution 1.62 Interest 3.09
Land and Building Rental 2.74 Marketing 2.69
Repairs and Maintenance 0.54 Service Fee 0.7
Staff Welfare Allowance 1.38 Other Expenses 0.92
Stationery & Inventory 0.48 Telephone 0.8
Utensils and Equipment 1.24 Wages and Salaries 0.5
The data above is sample data only

Central Java 13.4 DKI Jakarta 6.5
East Java 22.4 North Sumatra 17.9
Papua 2.0 Bali 3.0
South Sulawesi 6.0 West Java 28.8
The data above is sample data only
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Key Statistics
Market Characteristics
Industry Conditions
Key Factors
Key Competitors
Industry Performance