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Industry News
ATPK Add Expert Pulp & Paper : October 2014
Pulp and paper industry is ready to accommodate graduates of national experts in the industry. With the needs of about 400 people per year the industry is expected to attract public interest to be a professional workforce in the pulp and paper sector. Indonesia has the opportunity to develop this sector to attract investors to develop the Pulp and Paper Training Center.

Director of the Academy of Pulp and Paper Technology (ATPK) Soeprapto said, need experts in the pulp and paper industry is quite large but it is still not met. As one of the main export products, pulp and paper must be supported by the government in order to still be able to become a global player in the arena of international competition.  

"The sector is able to absorb the labor force in large numbers, so as to address the problem of reducing the number of unemployed in Indonesia. This is in line with the new government program that will increase employment opportunities and reduce unemployment. I'm sure the pulp and paper industry still has good prospects . ATPK ready to produce experts in the industry, "he said in a written statement received Okezone, Thursday (02/10/2014).

According to him, currently the ATP has produced 60 graduates per year. To increase the availability of the number of experts in the pulp and paper industry, he is hoping there are investors who want to develop a training center experts to meet the needs of the industry. "We also expect the company's Pulp and Paper to increase the number of recipients in order to meet the needs of the domestic industry," said Soeprapto.

President Director of PT. Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) welcomed the training of experts in the pulp and paper industry ATPK. "Until now we have been awarded scholarships to 102 students who have mostly been working in the company. The company assesses graduates of ATPK experts have shown good performance and very supportive of the company's performance," added Kusnan.  

Kusnan explained, as a global player in the pulp and paper industry, the availability of experts is a must.

"Through Training Center in ATPK, the company gained her access to experts who will support the company's expansion into Asia, the Pacific, Australia and China. The company will continue to send scholars to be trained in order to meet the needs ATPK experts. This year alone we've sent 20 students, "added Kusnan.

Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Pulp and Paper (APKI) Misbahul Huda said the national pulp and paper industry is facing a very tight competition. For example, next year the industry must face the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). It was not easy because Indonesia still has a current account deficit.

"As a global player, ATPK graduates will easily get a place to develop a career in the Pulp and Paper industry. Moreover, Indonesia is ranked as the world's ninth pulp and paper industry," said Huda.

According to him, Indonesia has a comparative advantage compared to other paper-producing countries. Among them, Indonesia can be 3-4 times faster harvest the tree and its location is closer to Central Asia. Indonesia will become a new country to join the BRICS. The scale also has the largest Indonesian economy in ASEAN. "We need not fear the MEA for 51 percent of the market is already in Indonesia," he said.
Ministry of Industry Navigate to Development of Pulp outside Java, March 2016
According to Director General of Agro Industry, Ministry of Industry Panggah Susanto, the development of the pulp and paper industry is done with the cluster approach, with the core of the paper industry, and the locus of development in Java. While the pulp industry is directed to the outer island of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua. Ministry of Industry also encourage the development of an integrated pulp industry with Industrial Plantation Forest, mainly directed to the eastern region of Indonesia.

Indonesia is believed to have the opportunity to develop this industry because it supported the opening of the market opportunities both domestically and in the world and their comparative advantages. As there is still enough land area as a source of raw material, tropical climate that allows the plants to grow faster, the availability of alternative materials and process technology has been mastered.
HS No. 3822.00.30.00
1 July 2019
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Diagnostic or laboratory reagents on a backing, prepared diagnostic or laboratory reagents whether or not on a backing, other than those of heading 30.02 or 30.06, certified reference materials. Sterilisation indicator strips and stapes.
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Import Duty 1.00
Value Added Tax 1.00
Total Tax 1.00
Preferential Tariff (AFTA) 0.50
Import Trade Figures 5.00
Export Trade Figures 5.00
Countries of Origin [15] 1.50
Countries of Destination [1] 0.10

Report Content
Import Duty 15.0 5.0
Value Added Tax 10.0 10.0
Luxury Tax 0.0 0.0
Total Tax 26.5 15.5
Ministerial Decree No. 133/PMK.01/2005 date December 23, 2005
The data above is sample data only
CIF (US) 23,027,318 19,067,348 20,447,454
Quantity (Unit) 2,123,329 3,698,379 5,453,456
Weight (Kg) 7,221,440 11,661,880 12,567,123
The data above is sample data only
IMPORTED INTO INDONESIA 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
CIF (US) 7,374,478 10,047,482 10,842,850 7,459,774 16,714,619
Quantity (Unit) 1,887,946 2,489,655 3,303,849 494,569 788,285
Weight (Kg) 4,905,807 6,478,645 7,073,154 6,222,921 11,604,996
The data above is sample data only
FOB (US) 110,581 130,768 135,342
Quantity (Unit) 100,465 246,561 144,567
Weight (Kg) 73,787 93,685 90,768
The data above is sample data only
EXPORTED FROM INDONESIA 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
FOB (US) 8,536,653 6,826,064 2,540,297 1,832,218 1,227,393
Quantity (Unit) 1,319,636 2,565,227 183,309 245,746 2,956,615
Weight (Kg) 8,496,901 5,326,395 1,861,318 1,497,720 1,404,649
The data above is sample data only
Malaysia 9,024,355 53.99
Singapore 4,920,377 29.44
Philippines 2,386,376 14.28
Ireland 326,250 1.95
Netherlands 38,372 0.23
Australia 13,627 0.08
United Kingdom 4,229 0.02
United States 796 < 0.01
Taiwan 237 < 0.01
Total 16,714,619 100
The data above is sample data only
Japan 967,895 78.86
Saudi Arabia 43,105 3.51
Kuwait 32,614 2.66
Malaysia 30,923 2.52
Australia 26,865 2.19
Romania 20,146 1.64
Timor Leste 17,964 1.46
Solomon Islands 17,216 1.4
Singapore 16,630 1.35
Eritrea 16,065 1.31
United Arab Emirates 13,419 1.09
Madagascar 7,928 0.65
India 4,840 0.39
Oman 4,640 0.38
United States 2,835 0.23
Qatar 2,786 0.23
Bangladesh 1,130 0.09
Hongkong 360 0.02
New Zealand 32 < 0.01
Total 1,227,393 100
The data above is sample data only
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