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B2210 - Natural Oil and Gas Extraction
Company News
Caltex Adds 20 New Wells
Bisnis Indonesia, page 4, 2005-08-27
PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, a subsidiary of Chevron Texmaco, will build 20 more wells in a number of its domestic area to anticipate decreasing raw oil production, which at the moment stands at 5.7 percent. The plan will commence by the end of 2005.
Caltex Offers Participating Interest in Kisaran
Bisnis Indoensia, page T7, 2005-06-28
PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia is looking for a participating partner in the Kisaran block, North Sumatra, by offering a 50% participating interest to gas and oil companies. They are looking for a partner to explore Kisaran and are currently close to a deal. They are waiting for BP Migas’ approval. Currently, Caltex still holds 100 percent of participating interest in that block. Caltex will continue their exploration of national gas and oil by searching for new areas to explore. Sumatra, however, will still be their business base.
Chevron Pacific Indonesia, PT
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Major Businessline : Petroleum, natural gas and mineral exploitation

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