PT. Dataindo Inti Swakarsa

          PT. Dataindo Inti Swakarsa
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Ampicillin and its salts.. HS: 2941.10.20.00
Nonsterile. HS: 2941.10.11.00
Streptomycins and their derivatives; salts thereof. HS: 2941.20.00.00
Erythromycin and its derivatives; salts thereof. HS: 2941.50.00.00
Perfumes and toilet waters. HS: 3303.00.00.00
Lip makeup preparations. HS: 3304.10.00.00
Eye makeup preparations. HS: 3304.20.00.00
Manicure or pedicure preparation. HS: 3304.30.00.00
Powders, whether or not compressed. HS: 3304.91.00.00
Shampoos. HS: 3305.10.00.00
Personal deodorants and antiperspirants. HS: 3307.20.00.00
Perfumed bath salts and other bath preparations. HS: 3307.30.00.00
Electrocardiographs. HS: 9018.11.00.00
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus. HS: 9018.13.00.00
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus. HS: 9018.13.00.00
Scintigraphic apparatus. HS: 9018.14.00.00
Ultravilet or infrared ray apparatus. HS: 9018.20.00.00
Clinical waste. HS: 3825.30.00.00
Clinical waste. HS: 3825.30.00.00
Dental drill engines, whether or not combined on a single base with other dental equipment. HS: 9018.41.00.00
Other ophthalmic instruments and appliances. HS: 9018.50.00.00
For medical, surgical, dental or veterinary uses. HS: 9022.21.00.00
Johnson & Johnson Indonesia, PT
Indonesia Company Report
Last Update 18-October-2019
Major Businessline : Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Medical equipment

PT. Dataindo Inti Swakarsa
3rd Floor, Gapura Raya Building
Jl. Bangka Raya No. 4, Pela Mampang Email :
Jakarta 12720, Indonesia
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Address 0.66
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Website 0.28
Personnel (Director [3]) 1.65
Foreign Affiliate 0.50
Establishment Date 0.77
Tax Number (NPWP) 0.77
Business Activity 0.44
Legality (Ownership Type) 0.39
Number of employees [17-Sep-14] 0.77
Brands / Trade Mark 0.77
Authorised Capital 3.85
Paid Up Capital 3.85
Banker(s) [1] [21-Aug-08] 0.77
Auditor(s) [1] [21-Aug-08] 1.32
Price 25.00312.500
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