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P96113 - Government Radio and Television Services
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Radio Republik Indonesia
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RRI Becomes Multimedia Office
Bisnis Indoensia, page T2, 2005-12-28
Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) will change its service format from audio to a multimedia office, including audio, visual, and written. This 3 in 1 program will be interactive so it is able to give comprehensive information to society, starting in 2006. This new format is planned to be self-financing, yet it has also requested Rp.300 billion from the State Budget in 2006. At the present, RRI's tariff varies, depending on whether or not it's prime time, and the location of the broadcast station. In 2005, its tariffs ranged from Rp.30,000 per minute to Rp.175,000 per minute. In 2006, it is planning to raise the price of commercials.
RRI Ready To Compete With Information and Entertainment Industry, 2005-11-21
Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) is ready to compete with the information and entertainment industry. The Public Announcer Organization of RRI (LPP RRI) will lauch soon information in the form of not only audio, but also audio visual and written. As a sixty year old organization, RRI has local assets with 58 stations and a global partnership network, plus priceless assets in the form of human resources. However, the human resources of LPP RRI, which add up to 7,500 people, have of be put in optimal use. This is a challenge because most of them are above 40 years old, have only a high school degree, and are civil servants.
Radio Republik Indonesia
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Last Update 9-January-2019
Major Businessline : Radio broadcasting

PT. Dataindo Inti Swakarsa
3rd Floor, Gapura Raya Building
Jl. Bangka Raya No. 4, Pela Mampang Email :
Jakarta 12720, Indonesia
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PROFIT AND LOSS 2005 2006 2007
Revenue 13,613,840 13,229,085 15,397,484
Cost of Goods N/A N/A N/A
Gross Profit 13,613,840 13,229,085 15,397,484
Net Profit Before Tax 3,139,711 4,528,733 5,123,618
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Balance Sheet (In RP Millions) 2005 2006 2007
Total Assets 133,260,087 149,168,842 150,180,752
Non Current Assets 1,888,511 1,935,151 2,024,748
Other Assets 2,885,953 4,075,426 50,103,265
Cash on Hand in Bank 47,751,808 43,551,174 27,213,874
Placement in other Bank 3,697,885 2,558,909 7,344,934
Notes & Securities 48,516,569 57,691,639 10,714,256
Loans 28,329,341 39,280,369 52,778,750
Total Liabilities 120,634,642 135,243,441 134,333,598
Minority 776 990 1,268
Total Deposits 118,251,011 131,985,222 129,555,406
Call Money 796,988 672,224 720,321
Notes Issued 252,202 425,039 652,439
Borrowings 219,652 484,127 525,316
Other Liabilities 1,114,013 1,675,839 2,878,848
Shareholder"s Equity 12,625,445 13,925,401 15,847,154
The data above is sample data only